Our vision is to become the biggest financial technology solution provider for under-served communities in Africa.


We work to provide solutions that empower people to prosper and make a greater contribution to the global economic pie.

Why Fresh Bakery

Our initial idea was to serve populations with the world’s famous food staple, bread. We still have that passion at heart in substance as we now seek to offer technology solutions that will become staples for life to underserved masses.

Our Story

The needs of the majority of people on the continent remain unmet because few people continue to represent a large portion of economic value around the globe. We believe that what the others need to catch up is empowerment through technology.

At FreshBakery, we want to help fix the fundamentals so that people are not focused on the basic needs to survive, with our innovative tech driven solutions, we will give them the opportunity to thrive and prosper. We believe that through technological solutions in the areas of mobile finance, health and education we can empower millions of people to reach their full potential.

At FreshBakery our passions are ignited whenever technology and finance appear in one construct, because for us they make magic happen. We believe that technology is a much needed driver in Africa’s financial ecosystem with the potential of increasing inclusion, easy access to money, financial security and ultimately reducing poverty.

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